Thursday July 19, 2018

Trillanes should try show business - Aguirre

JUSTICE Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has laughed off Senator Antonio Trillanes' claim he is "setting the stage" to absolve Kenneth Dong in the probe of the P6.4 billion worth of smuggled shabu from China.

"Senator Trillanes should try his hand in show business. He is proving to be a good script writer," Aguirre said in response to the senator's negative reaction to his statement about the chance of Dong turning as state witness against personalities involved in the shabu smuggling.

Trillanes said Aguirre wants to acquit Dong, whom he claims to be a friend of presidential son and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, of his involvement in the shipment of more than 600 kilos of shabu.

At a Senate hearing, Customs broker Mark Taguba II identified Dong as the middleman of Chinese businessman Richard Tan whose company in China, Hong Fei, consolidated goods to be shipped to Manila.

Taguba also said the younger Duterte was supposedly involved in the transactions of a so-called Davao Group in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Trillanes has formally requested the Senator Richard Gordon, the chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, to invite in the next Senate hearing members of the Davao Group.

"Senator Trillanes is already writing the ending of a story that has yet to start. While it is true that I said that there is a possibility for Mr. Dong to be a state witness, I also said that it will all depend on the determination of Mr. Dong not appearing to be the most guilty," said Aguirre.

"Such fact has yet to be established. The statement of Sen. Trillanes at this point is too premature that it is laughable," Aguirre added.

Aguirre said that instead of attacking him and the Duterte administration, Trillanes should instead tell the media where he is hiding self-confessed Davao Death Squad leader Arturo Lascañas.

"Since Senator Trillanes is into story writing nowadays, perhaps he should also tell all concerned and responsible media practitioners where he is hiding the self-confessed media killer Arturo Lascanas," he said.

"That is a story worth telling," he added.

Last June 5 Lascañas was charged with murder in a Davao City court for allegedly killing broadcaster Jun Pala in 2003.

He left the country last April after expressing fear that he will be killed or locked up in jail after he said that the killings attributed to DDS were sanctioned by then Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte. (SunStar Philippines)