MALIPAYONG gipaambit sa atong pagpakighinabi sa usa sa labing malampusong magpapatigayon sa kasaysayan sa Sugbo, Senyorito Michel Lhuillier-- ang iyang bag-ong obra maestra sa nagkadaiyang klase sa vino nga naghatag niyag dugang kahinam ug inspirasyon sa kinabuhi sa edad nga 74. Ang gitawag niyang “Michel’s Wine” gikatakdang ilusad karong Hunyo 26, Biyernes sa usa ka bonggang red carpet party, star-studded fashion show ug concert sa Liv Superclub sa City Time Square nga siguradong mohimog dakong kasikas sa showbiz ug kalingawan. Michel Lhuillier, Sssuper Ka!

Please tell us about Michel’s Wine.

It’s so happens Michel is my first name and of course I won’t allow you to be sold with things that are not good. We get our wines from different parts of the world, name it we have it, such as from Italy, France, Spain… we a have a selection of wines and if you try them you’ll agree with me that they’re really good. I know because I myself in my humble beginnings I couldn’t afford expensive wines and I would like to get the best for the least even to my other businesses. And Liv Superclub is close to my heart because I also had a disco club for 12 years (ang kanhi “Balls Sportsbar and Discotheque” sa General Maxilom) and in the end I only made one million pesos because every year I have to reinvent the disco by making it at par with the best in Las Vegas, Singapore and other places but something that is still affordable to the masses. So everything I applied it with my other businesses. I have 10,000 people working for me. I’m just a simple guy, a Cebuano, a promdi, even the president asked me if I want to be the ambassador of Cebu because I’m in love with Cebu.

Do you speak Cebuano?

I can speak five languages: French, Spanish, English, Cebuano and a mixture of everything, halohalo lang ko ba. That’s how you become successful, if you wanna advance in the world you have to learn many things. I tried my best to be young and admire beautiful things, beautiful women and all that. But nagdako lang akong hunahuna. `Cuz I’m 74 and I still want to live a good life. So I just tried my best, I have to watch my food intake and everything I eat. How I wish I could drink more but I cannot, so mamaligya na lang ko. (laughs)

What variety you can recommend to us?

The J.P. Chenet that we have from France. My father was French and it is a good wine. I don’t know what you want but I’m sure one of them is perfect for you `cuz we have 23 varieties to choose from and one particular brand is J.P. Chenet. If you want something strong, light, sweet and sour, all is there. It fits everything. And the cost to beat is very affordable. Like when I started my pawnshop business, I only had three. The same with my brother and sister, who both had three when they started. Now I’ve grown to 2000 shops. As a family we’re the biggest in the world. So imagine from a little Cebu gamay kaayong lugara pero karon mas dako sa tibuok kalibutan, way makalupig. Pagamaygamay lang pero suwayi lang. (laughs again)

So far, what’s the initial reaction of the market?

So many people have thanked me for bringing in the products because you don’t have to go to France and other parts in the world to get the wine. You don’t have to line up there and pay so much for it, but here we bring it right to your doorstep. And those who are in Canada and Montreal who work for us I trained them and let them learned the French language. You have a better life there because you can earn plenty there because the Cebuanos, the Filipinos are very hardworking, that’s how we conquer the world. We have 11 million Filipinos all around the world and we set up the money here. Ang mga Filipino sa abroad kayod ng kayod, they have two to three jobs, amazing how they can do it. Tigum sila og kuwarta aron ipadala dire sa Pilipinas sa Kwarta Padala sa M. Lhuillier, ayaw’g kalimot.

What can we expect during the launching of Michel’s Wine at Liv Superclub?

It’s definitely a night to remember. Imagine, a red carpet party, fashion show, good wines and everything, lights flashing, good music and star-studded entertainment. Unsa pay inyong gusto? It’s better than going to Manila. If you drink too much sige lang naa man ta’y mga ambulansya. (laughs again)

Celebrity guests nga moduyog sa selebrasyon sa Michel’s Wine Night karong June 26, 7 p.m. Biyernes sa Liv Super Club: (By invitation only apan bukas ni sa publiko at 10 p.m.)

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