Saturday July 21, 2018

Mass comm students unite against fake news

NOW that nearly everyone has access to social media, there is no doubt that mass communication is in peril, largely because of the proliferation of fake news. Every day, we see how people distort the truth and pass it off online as “news.”

As a new decade unfolds for the Cebu Alliance of Mass Communication Students (CAMS), the new set of officers hope to accomplish a lot in making 2017 a year of fun learning and service to the public by defying fake news.

Episodes of exhibition 

As part of the yearly events of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Central Visayas for mass communication students, a series of competitions and a conferences will start on Aug. 24.

The activities will serve as a venue for students to tackle social issues through dance and the campaign to eliminate fake news in social media through comical skits and songs.

Campus Talks will also be held at the St. Therese’s College in the morning with Ms. Weng Paraan about “Citizen journalism in the era of fake news. The Thursday after that, the battle in content writing, TV production and news casting through Campus Patrol will take place. Both of the events will be held at the Robinsons Galleria at 3 p.m.

The events will be participated in by 10 different universities and colleges in the city, namely the University of the Philippines-Cebu (UP Cebu), St. Therese’s College (STC), University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R), Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U), University of San Carlos (USC), University of the Visayas (UV), Cebu Technological University (CTU), Cebu Normal University (CNU), Benedicto College, and Southwestern University-PHINMA (SWU). 

A newbie in the events is the Mass Communication Circle of CIT-U. On CAMS’ 10th year, they finally decided to join to help promote the organization’s vision of building critical-thinking journalists. Michael Rey Cortes, CIT-U’s MC Circle President, said he wanted to accept the challenge in taking part in the events this year.

Goal-oriented services

Professionals in the media industry have also committed to support CAMS’ programs and activities. “It is part of TV Patrol Central Visayas’ advocacy to create a community for mass communication students and to prepare them for the real world of journalism”, said Annie Fe Perez, a field reporter of TV Patrol Central Visayas. 

The events will serve as an opportunity not only for the students but also for the public to expect something more and different from future journalists. According to Annie Fe, they also expect “a new breed of new journalists who are prepared to go on field.”

A fun learning experience is one of the main goals of CAMS. After a decade of harnessing the skills and talents of Mass Comm students, Rianne Managbanag, President of CAMS (2017-2018), said they are prepared for the challenges ahead.

“This is one of the biggest milestones that we have achieved as an organization… and we will still generate the same hype and energy and camaraderie.”

Anniversary special 

CAMS, under the advisory of Bien Fernandez Jr., is preparing for a year of exciting events. From festivals of talents all year round to conferences and immersions, surely, a lot will happen this year for the students.
“We have lined up activities to open up an inclusive community for mass communication students. The members will have engaging projects for the year not only for us but with a mission to give back to the community,” added Rianne.
CAMS also believes in the power and capacity of the events and unity of mass communication student bodies to educate the public. As mthe organization celebrates a decade of empowering mass comm students through practice and service, CAMS also strongly believes in the power of communication to bring about social change.