DAVAO -- After ranking ninth safest in the world in the user-contributed survey site Numbeo.com, Davao City is now at fourth place.

Last month’s survey showed that Davao City was ranked ninth after posting a safety index of 80.69 or a crime index of 19.31.

But based on this month’s rating, Davao City had increased its safety index to 82.06 or a crime index of 17.94.

Davao City is trailing Seoul, South Korea by only a few decimal points.

Seoul ranked third with a safety index of 82.64 or crime index of 17.36. Singapore ranked second, with a safety index of 82.70 or a crime index of 17.30.

Osaka, Japan, which is the safest in the world based on Numbeo, is far ahead with a safety index of 90.42 or 9.58 crime index.

Trailing behind Davao City are Espoo, Finland with 81.16; Bergen, Norway with 80.98; Heidelberg, Germany with 80.78; and Stuttgart, Germany with 80.53. (Sun.Star Davao)