DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to visit Vice President Jejomar Binay's turf on June 25 to speak before the gathering of business leaders in Asia in Makati City.

Duterte was invited to speak before the group Asia CEO to share his experience in transforming Davao City from being a murder capital to becoming one of the world's safest cities.

"Before Duterte, Davao City was called the ‘murder capital’ of the Philippines, one of the poorest regions in the country," Asia CEO said in a statement issued to captains of industry in various economic fields.

"Today, Davao City is rated as one of the most peaceful cities in Asia and among the top ten most livable in the world. Duterte is easily one of the most popular leaders in our era. His willingness to take extreme personal risks to make positive changes for others makes him unique among elected officials of any nation," the Asia CEO said in a statement.

"The Philippines is about to reach a tipping point that will propel it to first world status," it added.

Asia CEO Forum is the largest regular business event in the Philippines and considered one of the most important in the Asia Pacific region. It is an alliance of Filipino and international business people with a mission to promote Philippines as a premier business destination to global decision makers.

Asia CEO had sought the face-to-face dialogue with Duterte to know if the business friendly policies implemented in Davao City could be adopted as national policies.

Under Duterte, Davao City has implemented a "72-Hour Processing Period" for all business transactions where business permit applications are released within 72 hours from the time these are submitted to the City Government.

Duterte has also adopted a very strict policy against corruption warning that he would throw to the waste basket the documents of businessmen who would attempt to give gifts or favors to City Government officials.

The Asia CEOs have reportedly taken keen interest on Duterte, who is known in the business circles as one of the few local government executives who has remained untainted by issues of corruption.

In the last elections, Duterte refused political contributions from big business establishments in Davao City, telling the donors that since he was running unopposed, he had no need for the funds.

Described by the Asian CEOs as a "great local chief executive," Duterte has reportedly been in the radar of the business community as one of the best presidential materials who could address corruption, criminality, the insurgency and the poverty, especially in the countryside.

Duterte will be the first politician and presidential prospect who will be placed under the microscope of the discerning business leaders of Asia.

Speakers invited in the past forums were mostly business leaders.