RDF Feed, Livestock and Foods Inc. (RDFFLI) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert Lo said "there is really nothing to worry about" amid the bird flu outbreak in Pampanga, adding that "it is safe to eat chicken."

Lo, which operates Fresh Options Meatshop, said all of their farms, where they source their products, are free from the Avian Influenza virus and show no manifestation of any disease. Their farms are located at Magalang, Porac, San Fernando in Pampanga and Capas in Tarlac which are are all situated outside of the seven (7) kilometer quarantine zone.

“There isn’t any broiler farm found to have bird flu contamination. We’d like to stress that those farms affected are actually quail and layer farms. Kaya huwag matakot kumain ng manok, kasi wala talagang kaso ng bird flu sa mga broiler farms which produces our chicken meat,” he affirmed.

Lo added that their Meat Inspection Certificate issued by the National Meat Inspection Service serves as proof that all meat products sold at Fresh Options stores are safe and of good quality.

“To ensure the health of our chicken, we have a team of veterinarians and technical experts who make sure that proper nutrition and medication are given to them,” he said.

“We also implement strict biosecurity measures in all our farms to avoid contamination from Avian Influenza; and continue to adhere to national food safety and health standards,” he continued.

Among RDFFLI biosecurity measures include the restriction of entry of visitors and non-farm personnel in all farm facilities, strict monitoring and sanitation of vehicles, equipment, and other gadgets, as well as foot disinfection at the main gate.

Lo also stressed that RDFFLI conducts screening and testing of all poultry farms for disease prevention and control.

Recently, the company launched its #SafeKumainNgManok campaign in all Fresh Options stores and on social media.

“We are committed to inform the public and help revive the poultry industry. We are always ready to support our LGUs here in Pampanga because we are their partner in this endeavor to finally end this dilemma,” he said. (Erika Mariel Gines)