MURDER and arson complaints were filed yesterday before the Office of the Talisay City Prosecutor against 35-year-old Alfonso “Allan” Saballa, who allegedly bludgeoned his sister-in-law in their house last June 20.

Supt. Germano Mallari, Talisay City Police Office chief, forwarded to the government prosecutors for inquest proceedings the criminal complaints against Alfonso.

During the inquest proceedings before Assistant City Prosecutor Hyacinth Jadraque, Alfonso admitted he murdered Manilyn Saballa, 27, and threw her body under their house in Sitio Garden, Poblacion, Talisay City.

Since he opted not to undergo the preliminary investigation, Prosecutor Jadraque will file the murder and arson cases in court.

The judge will then issue an order to commit Alfonso to the Talisay City jail.

Alfonso also admitted to reporters after the inquest that he punched Manilyn’s younger sister, Jessa Lopez, and tried to set their house on fire to conceal the evidence.

Case investigator SPO2 Antonio Albite said physical injuries will also be filed against Alfonso after they get the results of the medical examination on Lopez.

Attached to the complaints are the judicial affidavits of Lopez and Manilyn’s cousin, Christine Alisoso.

In her affidavit, Lopez said she and the victim’s two young daughters were sleeping in the sala adjacent to Manilyn’s room at 9 p.m. on June 20.

Lopez said she heard a thud followed by a scream from Manilyn’s room. She said she did not mind it because she was tired from work and there was also a heavy downpour.

At past 12 a.m., Lopez said, she saw Alfonso came out from Manilyn’s room and pour kerosene on her head.

Lopez said she jumped off the sofa after Alfonso lit her hair and a portion of the house.

“I tried to get outside of the house, but Allan (Alfonso Saballa) prevented me. He grabbed my arm and injured my face with a blow,” said Lopez. She passed out.

The following day, Lopez learned that her sister was killed by Alfonso using a hammer.

Manilyn’s niece, Alisoso, also executed her judicial affidavit against Alfonso. She said she was about to sleep when she heard one of the victim’s daughters shout that their house was on fire.

Alisoso said she immediately grabbed Manilyn’s other child who was then sleeping. She saw Alfonso punch Lopez in the face.

Alisoso said their neighbors later noticed the smoke and helped put out the fire. She learned the following day that Alfonso killed Manilyn with a hammer.