Hidalgo: Fruitful experiences from the successful Kadayawan

THE recently concluded Kadayawan Festival, with the 11 tribes' participation in all the programs of activities proved how rich we are in traditions, customs, costumes, arts of dancing, music, games, and instruments.

The Agro Trade exhibits showed the varieties of food sources from our plants, fruits, grains, and spices. The wealth of our Arts were exhibited by our artists. Our colorful history were depicted by the historians' essays. They were all eye-openers for me.

Something new was the fluvial parade in Bankerohan River. There were a lot of Tribal Confluences in the Tiongko field. The most awaited event by spectators was the Hiyas ng Kadawayan Contest. The candidates of the different tribes had a contest to choose who will represent their tribe. The 11 chosen are to vie for the crown of the Hiyas ng Kadayawan. Each candidate ably represented her tribe in the items, beauty, intelligence, worthy advocacy or goal of her choice, special talent. The lucky chosen candidate with the highest score in merits is crowned as the Hiyas ng Kadayawan on coronation night.

There was the PMA presentation of the Silent Drill at Tionko Field.

The most awaited colorful affair was the Pamulak, Floral Float Parade. There were different categories for all participating floats. Cash prizes were at stake for the best in each category. There was a special mass at the San Pedro Cathedral to open the festivities and a thanksgiving offering at the end of the festivities.

I was glued to my TV set to watch all the programs of the festivities. It was not wasted time for me. It was gratifying when I saw the huge groups of local residents and tourists from other countries who braved the trip in spite of the Martial Law. Numerous military groups were assigned to keep the safety of spectators. Set rules were to be followed like no backpacks, no dark colored bottles with liquid contents, no firearms.

Aspects of the festivities always amaze me as I watch the Kadayawan yearly. The dances, the sports, the revelry of numerous participants from schools. The kaleidoscopes of color combinations, the quaintness of the costumes, the head gears. The trinkets of delicately organized beads are labors of love. Each tribe has to wear their traditional tribal attires. The natural beauty of the natives unenhanced by heavy make-up is refreshing. Costumes are all modest and befitting the demureness of the tribal women. No stilleto heels for footwear. No over exposure of skin. The way head gears are worn characteristic of each tribe is wonderful.

The floral floats in the Parade are so enchanting. The theme is properly shown with a message for spectators. They are loaded with flowers, fruits, fronds, and garlands. Some floats have men and women of the tribe to act a pantomime.

Lastly, I want to mention some suggestions to perpetuate the memory of the Kadayawan. There is the suggestion in the council to preserve the Tribal Village traditional homes to be open to the public. This reminds me of the famous "Nayong Pilipino" near the Airport in Manila. I used to bring my class there to see the Philippines' typical homes from the urban cities down to the barrios. I hope the Tribal Village Homes preservation and extension will be approved. Another is the planned Tech 4 Ed in the Davao City Library Information Center. The 17th Annual Historical competitions results must be given to this library.

Fruitful experiences from the successful Kadayawan can be a prototype for any kind of modern community in the Philippines where oneness, nationalistic goal, cooperation leading to peace and progress will be developed.

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