A LOCAL inventor has created an organic repellant against flies affecting poultry farms in the Davao City to protect people nearby away from the risks brought by the insect.

Davao Inventors Association (DIA) President Virgilio Sangutan, during Kapehan sa Dabaw press conference held at SM City Ecoland Annex Building yesterday, August 28, said his invention started six months ago after poultry growers and farm owners reached out to the association for a solution to their problems with flies infesting their poultry industry.

"The problem with flies in poultry farms is getting heavier and heavier as many agricultural lands are now near residential areas," Sangutan said.

He said DIA already conducted a pilot-testing of the repellant at two poultry farms in Calinan, Davao City last two weeks ago and received positive feedback from the farm owners.

Flies, Sangutan said, have sensitive sense of smell and can detect chicken dung at least seven kilometers away from its original place. They can also inform their groups of flies by means of odor signal.

"The repellant should be sprayed to the chicken or duck's feces. The feces will dry up immediately and will not produce any smell. Thus, flies will not be infesting the farms anymore," he said.

As it is made from natural ingredients, Sangutan added it will not affect the chicken's health if consumed. Once permitted to sell, he said each 1.5 liters of the repellant will only cost P250.

At present, Sangutan said DIA will be getting an accreditation from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) for its permit to sell the repellant to interested buyers.

"We already anticipated a big demand of this product but as soon as we get the permit from FPA we will focus or production first in Davao City since we created this for the poultry growers who came to us for assistance," he said.

The fly repellant, Sangutan said, can also be used in piggery farms, public markets, slaughter houses, and dumping sites where many flies proliferate.