A GROUP of inventors in Davao City called on the National Government anew to recognize the products of local inventors as they continuously create technology and innovations that could aid the issues of different sectors in the country.

Davao Inventors Association (DIA) President Virgilio Sangutan, during Kapehan sa Dabaw media forum Monday, August 28, held at The Annex of SM City Davao, said inventors in the country are willing to collaborate with government in finding solutions to problems that can be assisted with technology.

"Philippines is already left behind on technological advancement in solving agricultural and a few social problems," Sangutan said.

The call for support has been a decades-long call, which the government has yet to acknowledge.

Inventors in other Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand, he said, are being supported by their governments and their inventions are even being used to solve poverty and labor issues in their respective countries.

In the Philippines, Sangutan said local inventors have been creating and proposing inventions to the national government since then, supporting the livelihood of the grassroots sector.

"One example is our invention on a seaweed technology that will help seaweed growers adjust the level of seaweed depth in the sea water. When it is daylight, this technology will enable the seaweeds to go down deeper into the water so that it will not be exposed to extreme heat," he said.

Sangutan also said DIA has always been crafting innovations that help solve issues that affect business operations like the infestation of flies in many poultry and piggery farms in the country.

Aside from DIA, other organizations of inventors also share the same sentiment.

Last May, Inventors, Scientists and Innovators of the Philippines and Davao Inventors Cooperative urged President Rodrigo Duterte in a press conference to prioritize House Bill (HB) 928 that seeks the creation of a commission for inventors and innovators in the country.

Sangutan added that DIA and other local groups of inventors already sent letters to President Duterte and to the Congress in prioritizing HB 928 early this year.

"We inventors believe that the proposed law will provide the mechanism which is a much-needed support for Filipino inventors in boosting their technologies and ability to compete in the world market," Sangutan said.