Wednesday July 18, 2018

1-week limit for road works pushed

DAVAO City Councilor Jesus Joseph Zozobrado is pushing for a one-week construction limit of roads as part of the city’s efforts to lessen the inconvenience it causes.

Zozobrado during the Pulong Pulong ni Pulong (PPP) media forum said he will call the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to consider the one-week limit.

"I will call anytime soon the attention of DPWH, nga ilang i-include na option sa mandate nga ang option [to lessen inconvenience of road construction] ang one-day treatment (for the cement). Ang stretch sa construction and the cementing of the road pwede man na makaya og one week treatment for a certain area, unless taas kaayo na, dungagan nila og tao kanang reasonable ba, makaya lang og one week na siya basta ang ilaha lang diha sakto ang ilang pag-implement (I will call the attention of DPWH to include in their option to lessen inconvenience of road construction] through one day treatment. The stretch of the construction and cementing of the road can be done in one week on a certain area unless it is a long stretch. They can just add personnel. They can do it in one week for as long as they will properly implement the project)," he said.

Zozobrado said months ago he met with Davao City Water District (DCWD) and DPWH on the construction and repair works being done by two agencies. Both agencies assured that they will follow with the regulations as to not cause necessary inconvenience in excavating the roads.

"They have made an assurance that they will improve their management sa areas," Zozobrado said.

He said he is hopeful that both agencies will do as promised.

He clarified that the one-week construction is under normal conditions and not under rainy conditions.

"[The weather] has to be a consideration, I was saying definitely one week in normal conditions it is feasible and possible that in one week period the concreting and cementing of the road can be done on a particular stretch for as long as they will have efficient implementation," he said.

Zozobrado said the agencies should strive to finish their projects, under normal conditions, within one week unlike the current practice where projects took some time to finish.

"Naa tay bag-o nga technology nga one-day treatment pagkahuman og semento sprayhan nimo after a day pwede nana gamiton ang kalsada kung ingon ana ang trabaho siguro mas mamenos-menosan ang inconvenience sa ato ang mga roads (We have a new technology that includes one-day treatment which will entail the spraying of the cement and a day after spraying, it can be used. If that is the kind of work they will have, the inconvenience for the motorists and commuters will be lessened)," he said.