Wednesday July 18, 2018

Bzzzzz: Would Gadon fall on his mid-finger?

FOURTH COMPLAINT. Complaints for disbarment against Lorenzo Gadon, known famously (or in-) as the lawyer who set off the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, seem to rely more on his alleged “immoral conduct” than ignorance of the law as basis for any sanction against him. A fourth complaint filed yesterday (April 23) also cited the “dirty finger” incident.

Gadon raised his middle finger and uttered “pu**ng ina” at a crowd of Sereno supporters in Baguio City last April 16. It was, the complaints said, behavior in a scandalous manner that allegedly violated Gadon’s oath as a lawyer and the lawyers’ Code of Professional Responsibility (#7.03).

Would he fall on that sword of a finger?

Gadon has defenses. He can argue he intended it to be humorous or playful. Not all “dirty fingers” indicate ill intent. Or he can plead self-defense. Some people in the pro-Sereno crowd were waving the middle finger and shouting obscenities at him.

Teddyboy’s ‘bird’

WEAPONS OF CHOICE. Few people landed in the news because of the “dirty finger.” The most memorable flip or “bird” was that made by then congressman (cum broadcaster and journalist) Teddyboy Lacson Jr. when he flashed the middle finger at protesting workers.

Caught on camera, it saw print and was carried on national TV. A lawyer, Teddyboy was also loose in using cuss words on Twitter (“shut the f**k up” was a favorite line). Where’s he now? He’s the country’s ambassador to the United Nations (the same post Cebu’s former Supreme Court chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. occupied).

Korina’s silence

Korina Sanchez, Mar Roxas’s wife and host of “Rated K” on ABS-CBN, has chosen not to answer Kris Aquino over K’s feature on the movie-TV star’s ex-husband and their son. Instead, Korina talks of a carousel ride, sunshine, paying forward, and beating the heat. K would still need Kris if Mar would run for the Senate in 2019.