THE RIGHT PERSON -- From the barangays to the towns, cities, provinces, to the halls of both houses of congress and up along to the palace by the Pasig river, it is us electorates who send them there. Apparently we have been choosing the wrong leaders in our country sans for few.

In my lifetime, I have written millions of words, wrapped in my columns appearing in several newspapers, both local and national, the need for leaders who can lift the poor out of their economic circumstances. Grinding poverty ! Under the present dispensation, the Benigno 'Noynoy ' Aquino leadership, despite the embraced slogan, 'kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap ' still we are the second poorest country in South East Asia.

Poverty incidence in Malaysia is one percent, Vietnam 11 percent, Indonesia 13 percent, Singapore 0 percent and the Philippines 28.5 percent. That's despite Pnoy's boast that the gross domestic product (GDP) continued to expand. Correct! The real beneficiaries are no more that the 15 percent of our countrymen. Most favored are the tycoons and politicians. There are millions more who are still dirt poor. Children sleeping on sidewalks. Kalam ang sikmura. Many are underfed.

BY OCTOBER -- Those who will seek elective office will troop to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in early October this year to file their certificates of candidacies. The campaigning, albeit not yet allowed the voters will start feeling the handshakes with a smile from candidates. Please don't be deceived by the handshakes and the glowing promises you will hear from each one. Don't even be deceived by their looks and their singing and dancing routines. And most of all, don't receive the money greasing your palm. And furthermore stop soliciting contributions from them, so they won't have the advanced reason that they are forced to be corrupt, because the people push them so.

THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE -- My personal reading is that in the early next year elections, that will be ninety days before May 9, 2016, there will be four serious contenders gunning for the presidency. A four-cornered fight! Featuring Vice President Jojo Binay, Senator Grace Poe, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Secretary Mar Roxas. Dont count out yet former Senator Ping Lacson, Senators Bongbong Marcos and Alan Peter Cayetano, but in most likelihood if their ratings in the survey will not hit the 20 percent, they will drop out of the race.

More issues, more drama coming out as the days are fast annexed and swiftly moving and before we know it, our streets, walls, trees are festooned with all those colorful tarpaulins of the candidates.

MY BET -- In due time, I will disclose who I am voting for president. That will be made known through this column. But today, search me, I am still carefully studying each one. Mine maybe a one vote, but I believe in the power of one. I love the experience of Binay, I love the sweetness and sincerity of Senator Grace Poe, the strong leadership of Mayor Duterte and the industriousness of Secretary Mar Roxas. But those virtues are not yet enough for me to make my final decision.

PERSONAL NOTE -- Congratulations to my good friend Alex Caugiran and wife Pamela. Wow! That was one party that will be long remembered by the people who graced the couple's marriage renewal vows and 23rd wedding anniversary last Tuesday. May katatawanan, kantahan at drama. Both are still in their good looks despite the passing years.