AFTER a series of decreases in the prices of dressed chicken in the previous weeks, the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) said the cost of the commodity in Negros Occidental will likely continue to increase as the bird flu scare starts to die down.

Based on the latest weekly market price monitoring of the PVO, the prevailing average cost of dressed chicken among pubic markets in the province has slightly increased by P0.47 per kilogram.

From the previous week’s P155.11, the current price of dressed chicken is P155.58 per kilo, it showed.

In the last week of July, the PVO reported that a kilo of dressed chicken averagely costs P158.79.

It went down to P157.15 per kilo, with a decreased of P1.63, in first week of August after the bird flu outbreak in Luzon.

A drop of P1.46 per kilo was noted during the August 21 monitoring. The price went down to P155.11 per kilo.

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena said that as the bird flu scare dies down, they are expecting an increase in demand for chicken.

Decena said that once there is an upward movement on the requirement, prices normally increase.

Since there are eight players and poultry integrators in the province, due to business strategy and competition, increases are usually minimal.

“The bird flu scare will eventually die down in the next two weeks thus, increase in demand and price will more likely to continue. We have to monitor the movement and consumption index next week,” Decena added.

Based on consumption trend, the requirement of chicken in the province normally increases during the “ber” months, especially October and December.

Decena told SunStar Bacolod Friday that in terms of broiler chicken, the poultry integrators already calendared the MassKara Festival requirement by early October.

“Usually, they prepare for 30 to 50 percent increase in production of dressed chicken from the normal one to 1.5 million heads per month,” the provincial veterinarian said.

Meanwhile, prices of table and salted eggs in the local markets remain lower which can still be attributed to the “fear” brought by the avian influenza.

The PVO reported decreases ranging from P0.06 to P1.63 per piece, depending on size.

For beef products, a drop of P6.03 per kilogram in the price of carabeef was also noted. It is currently sold at P221.25 per kilo.

Beef averagely costs PP226.80, with a drop of P5.91 per kilo, while chevon costs P273.83, with a decrease of P4.36 per kilo.

The PVO also reported a decrease in the price of pork. From last week’s P199.60, it went down to P195.57, with a decrease of P4.03 per kilo.

Decena said that rainy days during the past two weeks have slowed down transportation of livestock commodities and demand in some cities and municipalities is low thus, prices decreased.