THERE is so much to be thankful for. Perhaps the most heartwarming are those that come unexpectedly, like being acknowledged for something you love doing. In my case, it’s the sharing of stories via this channel. Thank you would be enough but there are those generous bunch who will go an extra mile to show their gratitude, like handing you a token up on a stage. I will never get over my fear of standing before a large audience. If I can avoid it, I would. But this August, stepping up the platform (more than once) was inevitable.

I extend my gratitude for your appreciation Ikebana International Davao Chapter lead by Jing Puentespina, and Consul General Berlian Napitupulu and his staff at the Indonesian Consulate for awarding a published story I wrote about Bali in your first writing contest.

Glowing with gratitude.

To Bryan Lasala and his team at Waterfront Insular Hotel, thank you for the recognition you extended. The Everglow Black Masquerade party was a great theme for this year’s appreciation party. Events such as this is one of the reasons why the seaside hotel is a preferred rest and recreation and party venue.

Here are 5/5 apples for you!

Making the Philippine eagle soar higher.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) has another good reason to be thankful for. After last year’s grand affair, when the Marco Polo Hotels handed its donation of a million pesos, the hotel group handed over its next donation to the foundation.

Raising a significant amount for the Philippine eagle via its fundraising promotions in all its properties across Asia, Philippe Caretti, vice president for operations of Wharf Hotels (Marco Polo Hotels and Niccolo Hotels), handed their donation of P1,156,000 to PEF Executive Director Dennis Salvador.

Cheers to Wharf Hotels and PEF! Let me hand you 5/5 + 5 of the sweetest apples! Your effort saves more than the Philippine eagle but the environment and the Filipinos as well.

The silk route to a cooling drink.

Speaking of Marco Polo Hotels’ sweetness, the chain launched its latest sweet concoction—the Silk Road Iced Coffee. It’s now served here in Davao. The drink is made of blended iced Frappuccino poured in a chocolate-glazed glass, topped with marshmallows and whipped cream, and served with cinnamon S’mores.

The twin is a “double waker-upper” — the caffeine and the sugar will give you the rush you may need.

It’s a bit too sweet for my taste though. I give it 2/5 apples.

Wake up to the view of Davao Gulf.

We’ve done so many times but if you want to make it a permanent— and have the moolah to spare — live at Azuela Cove.

The new P20 billion development north of the city, a 25-hectare “prime waterside address”, is a project of Aviana Development Corp, a joint venture company of the Alcantara Group of Companies and Ayala Land. Along with the great view to wake up to, the “township” will have shops and restaurants, St. Luke’s hospital, a banquet hall and sports hub. It’s going to be chic and expensive address for sure—it’s the top range development of Ayala Land.

Thank you for the Davao investment, Aviana.

5/5 apples for you.

Lemons as thank you gift.

“I am from --” (two letter mall name) is the new entitlement statement, and I thank the premier mall’s commissioned photographer, who is supported by marketing department girl, for giving rise to it.

In a recent event, where the mall was just the venue and not the official presenter, she seemed to have been bestowed executive power by her employer and lorded over the event like she was the official photographer.

When asked to stand aside and refrain from blocking everyone else’s shots behind her, she shrugged and simply stated, “I am from --” (two letter mall name). The marketing girl’s attention was called but I saw no action made.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time it happened.

Even with unlimited lemon supply, the Royal Bitch is entitled to hurl 5 lemons only—at the moment. You can have more soon.


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