THE recent bird flu outbreak in Pampanga, which resulted in the culling of several chickens and ducks, created a sort of paranoia even among those from other provinces. One could not blame them as previous avian flu outbreaks in other Asian countries have recorded human transmission and even caused casualties. The news about bird flu has also raised some concerns among diners with regards to eating chicken dishes. But health experts continue to assure the public that it is safe to eat poultry products as long as they are properly prepared and cooked. Today, ZUP readers share their most favorite chicken dishes.

Chicken pot pie is my favorite. It is one of the first recipes I learned to cook for my family. This dish makes me feel at home and happy. Trixia Marie Chiong Sy, 28, architect

Creamy Ginataang Manok will never tire my taste buds! I just love how the flavor of the spices and coconut milk blend in so well with that stewed chicken. Everything about it reminds me of home. Claire Angeli Lua, 22, language student/part-time teacher

My favorite chicken dish is the chicken curry because it has distinctive taste due to the curry sauce and it makes the chicken even more delicious. Also, it’s easy to cook, you can search it through Google and watch tutorials on Youtube. Stephen Barrera, 23, architecture student (CIT-U)

My favorite is tinolang manok na Bisaya. It tastes good and is rich in protein. John Michael Quibranza, 19, business administration student (USC)