NOW it's a waiting game. Will Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte run or not run?

His supporters are saying he will, he has consistently said he will not but has recently tempered down this statement, saying he has to consider the situation of his supporters who continue to campaign for him.

"During the filing of candidacy, kung wala ako sa Pilipinas, ibig sabihin hindi ako tatakbo (During the filing of the certificate of candidacy, if I'm not in the Philippines then that means I am not running)," he said.

Duterte remains unsure of his winning chances should he take on the challenge to run in the presidential race, saying there are just around 40 percent who are actually urging him to run.

This was his statement during the one-on-one live interview with Anthony Taberna in Umagang Kay Ganda on Wednesday, June 24.

"Ilang porsyento ba nang iyong pakiramdam ang nagsasabing tatakbo kayo bilang presidente (How many percent of your feelings tells you to run as president)?" Taberna asked.

"Forty," was Duterte's quick reply.

Mayor Duterte explained that his decision to run for presidential candidacy had undergone "metamorphosis" as he coined it, due to the urge of his supporters and friends for him to run for presidency.

He has repeatedly said he does not intend to run, but has agreed to temper his pronouncement by his supporters.

Thus, he is now more preoccupied about "thinking of how not to run for presidency."

Mayor Duterte said that his family is opposed to the idea of him running as president and quoted his daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio, also a former mayor of Davao City, in saying, "Pahinga ka na, matanda ka na (Take a rest. You are already old)."

He also explained during the interview that his family, closest friends and money are the three factors that are preventing him from jumping into the race.

In several occasions, Duterte has told Dabawenyos that elections in the Philippines involves a lot of maneuverings on the final stretch that will require huge machinery and funds, which he says, he does not have.

He insists that he should only be looked at as an alternative.

"I've never said in any forum that I am running for president. I am prepared to see a presidency of either Poe or Binay," Duterte said in a television interview on Wednesday. "I'd only be an alternative. I certainly do not want it. I am giving it to the others who want it."

Duterte recently placed third in the Pulse Asia Survey 15 percent. Duterte was the top pick of Mindanao respondents with 37 percent.

Despite such achievement, Duterte reiterated that does not care about the poll surveys.

Many supporters are still hoping Duterte to run and are still waiting for his final decision.

Duterte also admitted that he has many supporters who are willing to fund his campaign but he is still yet to be convinced. Rhealyn C. Pojas and Karina V. Canedo