AS HARVEST of durian and pomelo increased, a decrease in its prices have been noted based on the price monitoring conducted by SunStar Davao at the fruit stands of the Magsaysay Fruit Vendors Association, Magsaysay Park.

Last week the price of durian ranged from P80 to P100 per kilogram (kg), now they retail for P70/kg.

Considering the variety of durian, Class A retails for P80/kg to P90/kg; Class B retails for P70/kg to P80/kg; and Class C retails for P50/kg.

The prices of pomelo dropped to P120/kg this week from P150/kg last week.

While there is an increase in harvest, mangosteens are still highly priced at P500/kg to P600/kg despite dropping from the price in previous weeks of P700/kg. (Keisha Pulido, ADDU Intern/SunStar Davao)