SOCIALIZED housing development BellaVita Land Corp. continues to enrich the lives of the hardworking Filipinos by launching more properties in Cagayan de Oro.

“If we look at the gross domestic product (GDP) of CdeO, this is the city in the Philippines that almost reflects the GDP of Makati city. There is actually good economic levels in Cagayan de Oro. It is a self-sustaining province,” said Joseph Mahusay, sales operation officer of BellaVita Land Corporation.

A new subdivision rises in the City of Golden Friendship, and this time, it targets the mass market within the minimum wage. Every person, rich or poor, dreams to have his own house, and BellaVita Land Corp., under Ayala Land, has acknowledged that desire of everyone.

“We see that a lot of families are spending their hard-earned money on rent or living with relatives in small houses, which can be uncomfortable at times. With BellaVita, you can now fulfill your dream of having your own home for your family,” said Barry Trinidad, marketing manager for BellaVita Land Corp.

With 15 hectares of land in Baranggay Indahag, BellaVita plans to build as many as 1,600 houses, with a nominal lot area of 36 square meters, within the next years. They offer quality houses handled by Makati Development Preparations.

An average house costs a total of P450,000, which is inexpensive compared to the usual subdivision rates. Normally, once the reservation has been settled, a monthly amortization of P3,600 is paid for 18 months. By then, the buyers will be ready to live in their new homes.

The houses are arranged in rows, with a maximum of 12 houses in a row. The developer assured that the main road of the subdivision is as wide as 12 meters, enough for a two-way street. It is a flood-free environment with a fixed drainage system.

BellaVita Land Corp. offers a corporate discount to groups of people. As long as you come from the same profession, they can make an arrangement.

For as low as a reservation fee of P2,500, anyone, even the informal wage-earners, can reserve a unit. What the interested buyers can do is present two valid identification cards, the reservation fee, and the signed reservation agreement. BellaVita Land Corporation’s office is located at the 2nd floor of Grand Central, Pabayo-Hayes streets.

To celebrate BellaVita’s 9th site in the Philippines which is their site here in the city, they brought in Jason Allen, Mich Ligayu of JamMich, 143, and Yeng Constantino to have a free concert in the Capitol Grounds.

The place was jampacked with fans as they screamed and sang along to the songs of the artists. (Patricia Ysabel D. Tabian, AdMU intern/With PR)