Friday July 20, 2018

Sangil: When will Clark airport really take off?

THE recent news said Philippine Airlines and the Lucio Tan group would revive a 2015 proposal to build a P20 billion annex building to NAIA's Terminal 2. Hopefully we can get a reaction from Department of Transportation Secretary Art Tugade, Bases Conversion and Development Authority President Vince Dizon and Clark International Airport Corporation President Alex Caugiran. The stakeholders should have a deeper understanding and a clearer picture of this latest development. Ano ba talaga mga kuyang?

The airport issue is far from simple and news of this nature raises anxiety among the would be investors and business sectors around Angeles City and Pampanga. Right, PAMCHAM? The recent move by the Lucio Tan group may be interpreted as a means to block further interest to make the Clark airport as the main gateway.

How many times we pointed out that experts on aviation and financial gurus are one in saying that the best option for the Philippines to build its international gateway is in the aviation complex of Clark Freeport, and that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) should be downgraded as a secondary airport since its 3.2 kilometer single runway can no longer accommodate the larger aircrafts. And the runway has no more room for expansion. The terminals are too congested, causing so much inconvenience to airline passengers. The Clark aviation complex has more than 2400 hectares with two 3.5 kilometer parallel runways with more room for expansion.

What is dousing more cold waters, or shall we say many proposals are like thrown monkey wrenches towards the transformation of Clark International Airport as the main gateway are announced plans of Ramon Ang now the top honcho of San Miguel Corporation who wanted an airport somewhere in Bulacan. Another absurd proposal was the upgrading of Sangley airport in Cavite. All of these I suspect are intended to protect businesses of taipans and big casinos in Metro Manila.

What we need now is President Duterte's intervention. Once and for all he should make an open declaration that henceforth all plans to construct or expand airports elsewhere should stop and should focus on the development of Clark airport.


- Happy birthday to the following September born, lawyer Erika Nepomuceno, Ester Beltran, columnist Lito Gagni, Barangay Captain Romeo Nunag, Maricris Gueco, Patrick Mcrann, Fer Caylao, Engineer Ding Tuazon and Toda Max.

- On the mudslinging at the senate, the Good Book says: He has no sin, cast the first stone.

- If we will take a poll I am sure the majority of who will be polled will want Senator Trillanes out of the senate. With the DDS and Mocha Uzon they will score.