IT'S an amazing feeling when one performs well for the team.

However, one individual in a team may also mean a failure of the team. The same is true when you a have a group of talented players that does not get along together and refuse to support each other. This scenario is persistently being experienced by most players on a team in everyday sport programs.

Developing a winning teamwork by treating every member as individuals significantly affects how team members get along and treat each other. Show respect consistently so that other members will value it and show respect in return. How you react and interact with all members of the team will also set the tone for teamwork.

Be a model to your team, it is a successful way of team building, in setting the tone for teamwork. Be who you are as it will help you determine your teammate's behavior that you should condone.

By walking the talk, we are directly modelling what we want the team to learn as a team, remember, that your action speaks louder than what you say.

In the same way, mutual respect and team effort will be achieved if team members learn to be open and honest to one another and that team members should be fair and treat each other fairly and equally. This should be the attitude of all team members because each individual in the team are put together in their own unique way.

Recognizing each individual player's differences helps to foster cooperation as well as remind players the importance of healthy competition. Teams will definitely function better if players are given each a definite role which will entail a "seeking together" attitude and a "win-win mentality," leaving no room for disrupting behaviours such as petty jealousies and resentments of other team members success.

Encouraging team members to participate in the process of setting a meaningful team goal will foster team cohesion because they will learn to be challenged and come together to accomplish the task because they will bind tightly together under stress to produce an uncommon effort. A team therefore should always walk the talk that says "Together Everyone Achieves More."