PRICES of all livestock and poultry products in public markets of Negros Occidental have increased, latest report of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) showed.

Based on the September 4 Prevailing Market Price of Livestock and Poultry Monitoring of the PVO, covering the period of August 28 to September 3, the price of dressed chicken again went up by P1.61 per kilogram.

From only P155.58 per kilo during the last week of August, it increased to P157.19 per kilogram.

This is the second consecutive increase in the price of dressed chicken noted by the PVO after a series of decreases due to the “scare” brought by the recent bird flu outbreak in Luzon.

Based on the last report issued August 28, the price of dressed chicken increased by P0.47 per kilogram.

There is also an increase ranging from P0.20 to P0.56 per piece in the price of table and salted eggs.

For livestock products, the PVO reported an increase of P8.31 per kilogram of carabeef. From only P221.25, it surged to P229.56.

A kilogram of beef now has an average cost of P232.71, with an increase of P5.91 per from the previous P226.80 per kilogram.

The biggest increase was noted in chevon, at P10.50 per kilogram. Reports showed that from P273.83 per kilogram, the price rose to P284.33 per kilogram.

Pork consumers in the province will also spend more as the price of the commodity went up to P198.38 per kilogram, with an increase of P2.81 from the previous average price of P195.57, it added.

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena Wednesday said the upward movement of prices is mainly due to the increase in demand both for intra-provincial and shipment to adjacent provinces.

Decena said the province was able to fill an increase in demand of 450,000 pieces of eggs, 750,000 heads of dressed chicken, and 3,500 heads of gamecocks in Panay provinces last week.

“Also, the bird flu scare is over thereby increasing the demand of these commodities among consumers,” he added.