Monday July 23, 2018

Tough luck, judges!

BEING a Catholic and an alumnus of an RVM-run secondary institution, allow me to greet the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, a happy birthday.


With 54 beautiful, poised and fluent candidates, the Binibining Cebu judges’ job is quite difficult and tedious to say the least.

Three sets of criteria are prepared to help the judges, first to choose the top 20, then trim the number to 12, then find the best five and finally the queen herself.

It’s not a wonder that the contest has become an obsession of sorts for beauty contest veterans and newbies. The prizes are mind-boggling. The queen will receive P500,000 in cash and P300,000 in kind.

The town or city that the finalists are promoting will likewise receive cash prizes for relevant projects. The local government unit that the Binibining Cebu promotes will receive P200,000 in cash.

The runners-up and their respective local government units will likewise receive handsome prizes. It is said that the hardest part is in the initial stage. The organizers and followers alike are optimistic that this contest will continue for years and years.


Morning TV programs have become a staple of sorts for me since I bade goodbye to my service in government office two years back. Cooking is one thing that I hesitate trying.

ABS-CBN’s “Magandang Buhay” has changed that perception especially with male guests showing their skills in cooking and baking, the latest of which was Bamboo.

I may not reach the level of friend Chef Tatung but at least I will be able to prepare what my palates will crave for every now and then.