THE Cebu City Fire Station raised concerns on the City Government’s procurement of some P46 million worth of firefighting equipment and accessories.

City Fire Marshal Rogelio Bongabong Jr. said some of the items that are to be procured by the City are not consistent with the ones they have requested, which has been approved by Mayor Michael Rama.

“The undersigned learned that in the purchase request (PR), most of the items listed are not consistent with what we listed in our request to the honorable mayor. Instead, almost all items in the PR are for rescue operations, which we believe are not necessary for the stations. Further, there are some items which the specifications reflected in the PR are incorrect,” said Bongabong, in a letter dated June 18 addressed to Councilor Nestor Archival.

Archival is the head of the legislative body’s committee on public order and safety.

The P46 million for the firefighting equipment and accessories is to be charged under the P96-million budget this year for the Cebu City Fire Station.


Based on their request, the fire station wants to buy 27 sets of breathing system with one compressor (P4.5 million), two fire trucks (P30 million), 40 sets of hand-held radio (P1 million), one command car (P1.8 million) and nine motorbikes (P1.8 million).

They also want 35 pairs of fire boots (P462,000), 27 fire trousers (P237,600), 27 fire helmets (P261,360), 22 units of fire nozzle (P762,300) and 27 rolls of one-and-a-half diameter fire hose (P486,000) and 14 rolls of two diameter fire hose (P504,000), among others.

Under the PR, however, the P46 million will now cover the purchase of 20 pieces full body harness (P276,300), 10 pieces folding stretcher (P402,450), 4 units of portable fire pump (P7.9 million), 100 pieces of delivery hose (P1.6 million), 100 pieces of nozzle (P5.58 million) and two units of breathing system (P436,980).

The other items include 5 pieces kit bags (P46,000), 210 pieces fire jackets (P9.2 million), 210 pieces fire trouser (P6.8 million), 210 fire helmet (P6.3 million), 105 pieces firefighting boots (P2.3 million) and 105 pieces fire gloves (P1.3 million) among others.

According to Bongabong, he learned about the difference on their request with what was in the PR last June 16, during the pre-bidding conference called by the Bids and Awards Committee.


The concern raised by Bongabong was tackled by the City Council yesterday.

During their regular session, Councilor Gerardo Carillo asked if who made changes in the PR.

Councilor Margarita Osmeña, head of the committee on finance, said that the PR was made by Hernane Cañete, administrative in-charge of the Peace and Order Program, which means it was not prepared by the Cebu City Fire Station.

Councilor Mary Ann delos Santos then asked SFO4 Jovito Abelgas, who was requested to appear before the legislative body, if they know Cañete. Abelgas answered they didn’t.

Osmeña also asked if the P46-million firefighting equipment and accessories that will be purchased by the City is the same that Councilor Dave Tumulak, who heads the Peace and Order Program, earlier said will be given to fire auxiliary brigade of 22 barangays.

Tumulak was absent in yesterday’s session.

To address all the concerns, the council decided to conduct an executive session with Bongabong and Tumulak among others on July 8.