FOR 17 years, Jerry Dela Cuesta has helped supervise Talisay City’s streets as a traffic enforcer.

But the 50-year-old single father of 11 is no ordinary traffic enforcer.

Motorists who often pass by his beat in Barangay Tabunok have seen Dela Cuesta dancing in the middle of the street, while gesturing at cars passing on either side of him.

Dela Cuesta, a member of the City of Talisay Traffic Operation and Development Authority (CT-TODA), has delighted some motorists with his on-road dancing for nearly two decades now.

This month, a larger audience saw him at work when one of his daughters, Rachelmae, uploaded a video of him on the social networking site Facebook. As of yesterday, the video has been shared 300 times.

Rachelmae, in an interview with Sun.Star Cebu, said that a foreigner friend of her father’s who was also delighted by his street dancing recorded the video.

He posted it on YouTube. She shared it on Facebook.

Aside from being a dancing traffic enforcer, Dela Cuesta wears many hats.

To help augment his income, he drives a tricycle during the evening. If the tricycle he rents is out of commission, Dela Cuesta uses a motorcycle to transport passengers.

He said in an interview that he started incorporating dance moves in his regular traffic work not only to help calm his nerves but also to help unburden motorists.

Malipay sad makakita ang mga driver nga makakita nako. Makapawagtang sad ko nila sa ilang stress (Drivers are happy to see me. I help ease their stress),” he said.

Dela Cuesta said that despite the low pay, he continues to do what he does because of his children.

Para nako, mas importante gyud ang akong pamilya. Ang akong pangayo ra gyud sa Ginoo nga dili ko tapdan ug sakit, nga hatagan ko ug maayong panglawas para makaserbisyo pa ko nila (My family is very important. All I ask from God is that I won’t get sick and that He will keep me healthy so I can serve my family),” he said.