Saturday July 21, 2018

8 facts about the Chan Lim family of artists and students

ART enthusiasts always find pleasure in knowing that there are elaborate stories behind masterpieces. This listicle presents various trivia about the Chan Lim family of artists and students as they mount their mid-autumn art festival (featuring hundreds of fans and scrolls) in SM Lanang Premier. The exhibition runs until September 16.

1. The very first Chan Lim Family art exhibit was mounted in 1995 at SM Megamall. Since then, the family has held 15 exhibits—these happened in and out of the country.

2. Chan Lim is the name used by the family patriarch in signing all his artworks. The pen name was crafted out of his and his wife’s last names.

3. None of the Chan Lim family members have formal degrees related to arts. The Chan Lim siblings Alex, Felix, Rolex, and Jolex are all engineers and are engaged with multinational companies in various industries.

4. The Chan Lim Family holds five doctor of philosophy degrees, advancing their knowledge in the fields of engineering, educational technology, and management.

5. Their first family interaction painting was an oil painting done in 1998. It was a Chinese style painting given as a gift to the family patriarch’s, Chan Lim, 60th birthday. The painting One Fine Day is currently displayed in their family residence.

6. Creativity in arts is an important area of focus for the family. Infusing Western art with Eastern art and expressing these in different media enabled the family to develop masterpieces on fans, lanterns, and porcelain plates.

7. The largest number of art on display for a Chan Lim Family and Students exhibit was 330 pieces. This was during the 2016 mid-autumn festival exhibit in SM Lanang Premier.

8. Eight exhibits, which will run for a total of 200 days, are scheduled in 2017 and will celebrate the 80th birthday of Chan Lim.


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