A WEDDING is such a momentous occasion but preparing for it puts a huge pressure not just for the bride and the entourage but also for the guests. Here are some tips on how to pick the right dress for the day:

  • Apart from the dress code, the time of the wedding should be important to consider. Choose one that’s comfortable enough for the ceremony and the reception.
  • If there’s no dress code stated on the invitation, there’s no harm in asking the couple. Not only is it a way to prepare for the occasion, the couple would deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention to detail.
  • It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed but not in such a way that one’s look will outshine the bride. Opt for dresses that are comfortable yet have a hint of elegance to them. A wedding is a day to celebrate a union so it’s definitely a day that should be taken seriously.
  • Avoid the color white—unless that is what is asked of guests. There have been some cases wherein the theme was to wear white but those are rare. Should one wish to wear white, opt for those with embellishments or trimmings in other colors.
  • Play it up with colorful prints but always be mindful as to whether it is appropriate or not.
  • Too long is better than too short. It’s a wedding after all.