Wednesday July 18, 2018

Editorial: Davao City peace committee

THE move of our very own mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to sign the order creating a peace body is nothing but laudable.

The peace committee, which aims to manage the localized peace talks with the New People’s Army operating in the city, is created "because it is the obligation of your duly elected public officials to pursue just and lasting peace for the city," the mayor said.

We know as Dabawenyos that rebellion in the countryside is one of the obstacles in achieving long-lasting peace not only in our city but in the whole country as well.

The rebellion may be caused by so many factors; one of which is the unequal opportunities of employment being perceived by the rebels in the hinterlands.

With this committee, Mayor Duterte-Carpio said she wants to offer livelihood programs for rebels who want to surrender.

The mayor has already extended her hand to the NPA members and this will be a great opportunity for them to ponder as this committee will only be good until November next year.

“If there are no significant developments and movement in the localized process, we will pursue other options to attain peace. I am asking our NPA friends to work with us in the local government. After all, we all want to see a better Davao and we surely can attain this if you work beside us,” the mayor said.

Surely, all of us want to see a better and more peaceful Davao. All we need is for all of us to work hand in hand to achieve the desire for our beloved city. After all, a peaceful and better Davao will certainly benefit us, Dabawenyos, first and foremost.