Friday July 20, 2018

Caitlyn’s is always a good decision

I’VE probably said too much about being stressed but I’m gonna say it again, after the whirlwind that was August (the month with the most events to cover; thus, more stories to write and photos to take), we had to shoot a project to boost our online presence but the files were deleted shortly after we thought everything went well. So, as we were setting another schedule, we had a little break from work, and decided to de-stress. And what better way to treat ourselves than through eating… a lot!

Yes, it’s okay to eat a lot, most especially if we know it’s healthy. Then, I realized I haven’t visited an old-favorite for a while. I remember in college, I and my friends always go for this little Dimsum house in Marfori Subdivision called Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar. The restaurant is owned and run by the Buyco family which is also located on the front part of their house. It actually used to be a part of their house but as their family started to grow, Chef Ikloy thought of starting a food business. So, he had to divide what looks to be a part of their living room, placed a few chairs and tables, and then, voila! A go-to place for Chinese food lovers!

On my visit, I learned that there’s a lot of new stuff that’s added on their menu and one is those cutesy, tasty-looking Vegan dumplings. Chef Ikloy shared that vegans often give his restaurant a visit, and he wanted to offer them something they can eat, so he made dumplings out of white fungus mushroom and shiitake mushroom. These little chunks come in green wrappers but there’s nothing artificial, it’s made of potato, wheat, and spinach. They’re sold for four pieces at P60.

Another new thing is their improved Xiao Long Bao. Well, it’s always been delicious, only now, the wrapper is able to hold the soup inside - just what we should expect from a Xiao Long Bao. Also, Chef Ikloy and his wife are always hands-on with their business so you can see them if you go there, they can also teach you how to eat your Chinese food properly, just ask for help. They’re really friendly to everyone. It’s sold at P90 for four pieces.

And oh - since this spicy noodle challenge is getting the hype over the social media right now, Caitlyn’s Spicy wonton noodles will give you the introductory rite - you know, to those who want to take on the challenge but aren’t huge fans of spicy food. You can try this one out first before you go Godzilla on that Samyang noodle, haha. The wontons are a bit silky, they slide right in when you swallow them and also has that yummy taste of meat. Everything is home-made in this restaurant including the noodles, so you’ll know it's fresh and will taste good. It’s served for P105 but if you only want the wontons, you can have it for four at P90.

There’s still a lot to try at Caitlyn’s and definitely, this won’t be my last visit. See you next time!