NEWS is full of the names of politicians, as usual, but now, it's not talking about what they're doing or trying to accomplish, but about what they're saying about each other. Now, without a shadow of a doubt, it is clear that election season is on.

And it's not just about the presidential race either. Everywhere politicians are signaling their intent to run, whether for domestic or national offices. The worst part is how they're trying to win their positions.

While there are still those who're elected based on their merits, for most of those seeking office, their way of getting into the public's consciousness is by staying in the news. Sad thing is, they stay in the news not for their duties as a public official, but for behaving like politicians.

When we look to elect people to the public, we hope to look at their track record, the things they've achieved during their terms in service. Now, however, the politicians are looking to get a leg up on each other by way of what Vice President Binay calls a "demolition job."

It's all over the news. Politicians are now seemingly more focused on engaging in mudslinging with each other than work to improve the country, which is what should matter when we elect officials. And somehow, for some reason that no one will ever be able to understand, the kind of officials who promote their names that way are the ones who win.

It's high time we started recognizing their tricks and stopped falling for them. When the politicians are spending more time talking about each other than about how to help the country, election season is in full swing.