Monday July 23, 2018

Barrita: Complete relief

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Oscar Albayalde has ordered the relief of all members of the Caloocan City police force.

The order came after the spate of dubious deaths involving teens in that city in police operations against illegal drugs and crimes.

Now you can call the order, with all the pun intended, a complete relief.


General Albayalde said the relieved police officers will be retrained and reassigned to other police units in Metro Manila.

They would no longer be returned to Caloocan City, he said. Members of the police regional public safety battalion will take their place.

Let’s just hope they would not make headlines elswhere.


Albayalde said the Philippine National Police does not tolerate abuses within the ranks.

“What we are trying to show here is we do not condone any wrongdoings of our personnel,” he said.

Did he mean to say that the act of one or some is the act of all in the deaths of Kian delos Santos and former University of the Philippines student Carl Angelo Arnaiz?


It’s time for the police to stop the practice of reassigning erring police personnel to other areas.

They should instead be meted the penalty commensurate to their offenses.

And like the rotten apple in a basket, weeded out from the ranks.