LIBERA Dox or the Office of Exorcism gave warning to the Catholics that there are satanic rosaries and religious items being circulated by the Illuminati and the Masonic Connection. The practice started in medieval times with the association of craftsmen… so, it got the name Freemasonry.

Freemasonry has members who hold secret rituals and other matters which those admitted take an oath never to divulge. To the members, Freemasonry is a family-centered, fraternal, and benevolent organizations. Some of them have been going around to distribute the Holy Bible. At home, I have two. I got one when I was in college. The second one was given to me one day when I was in office. I have not discovered Satan yet on what they have given me.

I still believe in God (in my own humble understanding) and I love my Catholic religion (not much in repetitive rituals). Anti-Illuminati groups believe that the circulated religious items are of pagan origin and there is Satan on them or some kind of creatures from hell as illustrated in the Jessica Soho show. Well, anybody can be very imaginative when it comes to satanic creatures. We have seen them in horror movies.

Catholics (like us) seem to accept what is endorsed by the Vatican. If we have to look at the history of Christianity in our country, we started with crude religious items. The crucifix or images of saints used by missionaries were made out of wood and stones. They were in corrugated shapes. They did not come up with the Vatican models… the pieces of art done by the renaissance artists.

Our Philippines “santos”… popular, classic, and ornate are accepted as “visual aids” of faith. The popular “santos” turned out to be funny because the anti-Christian fanatics in the time of the revolution cut off the nose tips of the images. You can see them in antique shops. Ramon Hofile?a in Silay will explain and will show you more.

In some remote areas, the farmers are still making “black crucifix” during their opening ritual for rice planting or rice harvesting. The scarecrows are tied on a cross. During “Fiesta Minatay” novena for the souls in purgatory, rural folks display crucifix made by local carpenters. San Roque processions are having cross lanterns accompanied by other lanterns with the design of the star, moon, sun, ship, letters of the alphabet, etc.

Our “Flores de Mayo” procession to the river (“biray”) is spearheaded with a cross made of banana stalk decorated with flowers. Carpenters building the house make sign of the cross in every corner out of chicken blood to drive away evil spirits. (Their own interpretation states that the chicken blood resembles the blood of Christ). The “manug luy-a” is making sign of the cross with ginger in the vital parts of the body of the person subjected to his ritual. The late Fr. Marcus Pilar was practicing “luy-a luy-a.”

In Marikudo Ati Settlement in Isabela, our brother “Atis” are making herbal medicine of all kinds against “aswang,” “bagat,” “kapre,” and other cruel elementals. Inside the bottle loaded with coconut oil, there is a small crucifix. Some men and few ladies have cross tattoo in their body. Other fashion models have cross earrings. Cross comes in varied designs and used as art object. I don’t see any religious relevance there.

I don’t know if the Illuminati and Freemasonry have something to do with these practices of the Filipinos that have been part of our tradition. We have to remember that this wooden cross was the instrument used by the Jews (Romans also) to kill Jesus Christ. We hate guns because it kills. We hate guillotine because it kills. We hate drugs because they kill. Are we made to understand that the Illuminati is behind some of these?

We would like the Church hierarchy to consider our other pagan Christian practices. We all know that in propagating our Christian faith, many practices have been borrowed or adopted from the pagan practices of the Romans and the Greeks. Our Filipino culture is rich with traditions practiced by our ancestors before the Spaniards made us “Indios” and Christians. Some of those traditions have been preserved while we also do the Christian rituals imposed to us by our Spanish colonizers.

Vatican confirmed that we are Catholics. God did not create religion. He only created man (woman also). Man created religions. Religions divided us. Our religion made us afraid of Satan. Illuminati and Freemasonry are a threat to our religion. If we believe in a powerful God and our priests, pastors, and ministers are good as God wanted them to be good, why should the followers of God be afraid of Satan?