Saturday July 21, 2018

Custodio: One at a time

I KNOW we live in multitasking times. In this modern age of memes and emojis, there seems to be so much to do and so little time to do it. I would pray/ask for extra days of the week (usually an extra Sunday haha) and more holidays (with a special request for it to fall on a Monday) so that I can enjoy more time to relax and just chill. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this even if you deny it. Come on people, isn't it true that one of our most anticipated end-of-the-year tasks include finding out what the following year’s official holidays are so that we can plan our vacations around it? More than ever, we look forward to it because it gives us the opportunity to just lay back and relax.

The demands of this present time can be overpowering that we welcome any opportunity to disengage. My wanderlust soul suffers from constant fernweh you can just imagine how an overwhelming work schedule can make it even worse.

But hey, before I get lost in my vacation thoughts, let me just say that like most of you, I also want to get more things done in less time. Yep! I want to free up more time for myself which I think is equally important. And that is why I multitask. I really try. Multitasking appeals to me in so many levels. It gives me a sense of accomplishment having control over the chaos of having a busy schedule. Quite unashamedly it makes me feel that I am cool!

But alas the problem is, I usually suck at multitasking. Oh don't get me wrong, there are times when it actually works for me, just not as much as I would want it to benefit me. My attempts are well-intentioned. I figured if I could do more in less the time, then I will be able to do other things not only for myself but also for other people! Now wouldn't that be great?

My problem lies probably in the fact that I try too hard to do too many things all at the same time. Don't you ever have those days when you feel like you could do anything and everything? Well I have those too and usually, this becomes the bane of my attempts at being a good multitasker. Many times I would have a lot of tasks at hand and I would get lost shifting from one task to another! I set out really unrealistic goals that somehow I was setting myself up for failure even before I begin! It does feel good when I am able to pull it off, but when I don't, I really had the urge to kick myself in the head for being overly ambitious!

It has taken me this long to finally think that maybe, multitasking is not for me. Maybe I am better off just doing one thing at a time and making sure that I actually finish it before doing something else. Maybe single tasking is my multitasking!

I don't mean to underestimate the effectivity of multitasking but we have to accept the fact that it does not work for everyone. Take me for example. I have tried so many times to really make it work every time, but it doesn’t. No I am not a perfectionist but I feel that I am better off not multitasking all the time.

I believe that if I do things one at a time, I will be able to focus more on what I need to do. Whenever I have several things that I try to do all at the same time, I get distracted easily, trying to keep track of them. It is quite difficult to concentrate because there is a lot to do. Of course you get the hang of it after quite some time but still you wonder if you would be more effective if you just did it one at a time. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have cut myself trying to cook what I am going to cook at the same time. It is also difficult to cook, set the table and leftovers simultaneously!

Also, I think it is an effective way to learn and practice patience. Doing one thing at a time will teach us to sit still and finish what we started before moving on to other things. Maybe it will also teach us to be better listeners because we will actually have time to do so and we don't need to scurry around too much. Sitting through one task at a time might also do well in lengthening our attention spans. Personally, I think it will teach me to become less fidgety when there is a need for me to sit still and wait. You know how it is when you're multitasking? You always have something to do! There is no time to actually wait which I think in some ways is disadvantageous.

Sometimes I get so stressed when I multitask. There are times when it takes its toll on a person. Even if you do manage to get everything done there are times when you cannot really appreciate it because you are just too tired from putting in that extra effort. You can release up the energy out of you!

It is never easy to change how you doing things especially when you are so used to it. However there are times when you need to try a different approach for your own sake. The start single tasking we may need to start with the simplest things. For example, without texting surfing the net calling someone on the phone at the same time. Eat your meals without distraction. Finish reading one book at a time. Stuff like that. Some of as my find it really funny but for those of us who have multitasking this is a big deal and will probably be difficult to do at first. But it can be done so do it one step at a time.

Happy Sunday everyone and good luck, have a great week ahead!