Sunday July 22, 2018

Libre: Not crap

TOMAS Osmeña wants 1 million of trash in Inayawan converted to fuel.

This proposal ain’t crap.


City vehicle driver faces suspension after mishap.

Don’t expect his superiors to make a U-turn.


Cops on floating status to help ease traffic.

Stung by a bee, they now float like a butterfly.


Additional P5.7B budget for Bus Rapid Transit ok’d.

Wow, that was fast.


Water scarcity will continue to affect areas in Metro Cebu.

They need to tap water somewhere else.


Utility firm reveals four water supply projects.

Go for it before these evaporate.


Mandaue to save Butuanon river.

It won’t be easy going upstream.


Case against singer accused of rape by fellow entertainer dismissed.

Both agreed to settle in harmony?


One hundred sixty-four Marawi evacuees to clean city’s streets.

The consolation is that our streets aren’t littered with bodies.


Sandiganbayan: Graft trial on fire truck procurement to go on.

There will be people feeling the heat.