Saturday July 21, 2018

Dynamite fishers charged

TWO fishermen from Barangay Lantangan, Carles town, have been sued for violation of Section 92 of Republic Act 10654 after they were caught using improvised explosives in gathering fish.

The criminal complaint against Jonie G. Paghinayan, 42, and Reagan de la Cruz, 27, were filed by Iloilo Provincial Bantay Dagat Task Force in Iloilo Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday, September 20.

The task force, led by Senior Police Officer 1 Gilbert Piedad, caught Paghinayan and De la Cruz using dynamite 3.51 kilometers from the shoreline of Barangay Gabi, Carles, last September 19.

Seized from them were a motor banca and its engine, shafting, propeller, ruder, improvised air compressor, compressor tank, two rolls of air compressor hose, three scope nets, improvised clippers, and other paraphernalia.

Detained in Carles Municipal Police Station, the two may opt to post bail amounting to P20,000 each for their temporary liberty.

If proven guilty, Paghinayan and De la Cruz may suffer imprisonment of five to 10 years. (PR)