Thursday July 19, 2018

Expo for online sellers slated in December

ONLINE sellers based in Davao City and neighboring areas will be given a chance to sell their goods in a physical store and booth through a three-day Grand Holiday Expo happening in December.

From December 5 to 7, KGI Sales and Events will be conducting a Grand Holiday Expo at the Davao Convention Center wherein about 96 exhibitors of dry goods, food, and specialty and souvenir items are expected to participate.

KGI Sales and Events assistant project director Leonard Paul Palo said there are still a number of spaces available and online sellers who are interested to participate in the expo and have their products featured and be physically available to the customers can check KGI Sales and Events' Facebook page.

Palo said, given their schedule, they know they are competing with the malls and department stores in the city who have their own holiday bazaars, sales, and discounts as well.

With that, he said, they are making sure that the items available in their expo are unique enough that they are not available in local malls.

"This expo is intended for online businesses that plans to start-up a physical store. Here, they will learn and experience how to sell face-to-face and to transact personally to their customers. This is also open for sellers based outside the city," he said.

When asked how they are going to go about the business permits of the participating enterprises since most of the online businesses have yet to secure a permit, he said their organizing team will be the one to arrange that with the authorized sectors.

He said since this is only a three-day event, it will serve as a field test for the enterprises which means business permits is not yet a requirement, at least for the expo.

Aside from the main event, there will also be side events including a fashion show and caroling competition.