THE Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) is a movement in the Catholic Church of bishops, priests, religious and lay-people. The BEC are a new way of being Church. If the family is the “domestic church,” a grouping of families constitutes a Selda BEC, while a grouping of seldas constitute a Kapilya BEC.

The ministry for BEC formation throughout an archdiocese is tasked to help in the development of these various levels of BECs as the basic structures for all the ad intra and ad extra ministries. The ad intra ministries pertain to the prophetic and priestly roles of Jesus Christ as exercised by baptized Christians-i.e., in teaching and learning the Word of God and celebrating the sacraments.

The ad extra ministries pertain to the servant-leader role of Jesus Christ in his social concern for all persons in need. These are the ministries in the social apostolate addressed to all persons in need. These are the ministries in the social apostolate addressed to all individuals and sectors in need, regardless of culture or religion.

We must welcome the issuance of the handbook for BEC formation as a constant reminder of the indispensable role of BECs in complementing and strengthening the traditional parish structures as a “communion of communities.”

May the Holy Spirit’s presence alway6s be felt in the gatherings of the people to guide them in the BEC way of being Church.

There is a need for BECs to rally the faithful behind the Second Vatican Council’s “vision of a renewed Church” and “for the full living of the Christian vocation.” PCP II does not tell the faithful to establish BECs only in places where it would be easily accepted. What the PCP II urges the faithful to do is promote it, regardless if it would be easy or hard, Noting the different characteristics of a renewed Church, one must call on the faithful to live in communion with one other, noting that individual differences should not serve as a hindrance to achieve unity in diversity.

Even if each of the faithful has different backgrounds, state of life, and natural talent … these should not stop them to live in solidarity with others. Communion opens our hearts and doors to anyone. Seeing the importance of equality in dignity no worldly standard may belittle the dignity possessed by each and every person. In the eyes of the world, a sense of equality might be hard to attain. But in the renewed Church of Communion, regardless of who you are and what you have become, we are all equal because we are all created with dignity, baptized Christians in the name of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Almighty Father.

Participation among members of a community is also a mark of a renewed Church, the Year of the Laity is a very timely opportunity to fulfill this mission. Participation comes in two ways - everyone gives, everyone receives, it means enabling the lay people to participate more fully in the life of the Church and its task of mission. Even Pope Francis is promoting the BEC movement.

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