VISITING Circa 1900 always feels like stepping into the past. This grand white house was beautifully refurbished to bring back its grandeur from a hundred years ago. Its elegant interiors get even more of that classic ambiance with live piano music playing as you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. But the dining experience at Circa 1900 is in the food as much as in the setting. The menu is a creative combination of familiar local and international dishes, but with chef Steve Shrimski’s twist.

With Circa 1900 chef Jun Moreno, chef Steve puts some new items on the table with Barbecue Nights, ongoing until Aug. 12. Among the tasty choices are U.S. beef ribeye, Persian chicken, marinated pork chops, ginger miso calamari and coriander shoyu prawns, all with a side salad and Thai fried rice or garlic mashed potatoes. When dining with a big group, you can even have them all served in a family platter.

For a more gourmet dining experience, chef Steve and chef Jun have also put together five-course degustation meals that all begin with soup as the first course, followed by an appetizer, salad and main course. Make sure to make room for that fifth course of dessert; Circa 1900 is one of my personal favorites for desserts in town. Three different sets of these five-course menus mean there’s reason to return again and again with family and friends.