ANTIQUE media is questioning the dumping of dredged materials at the Naso Point in the Panay Gulf by fearing marine pollution in the rich fishing ground in southern Antique.

The question arose when the Regional Development Council Western Visayas held its second quarter regular meeting.

However, Lieutenant Jansen Benjamen, commander of the Maritime Environment Protection Unit of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), allayed fears of marine pollution, saying the point is the deepest sea area.

The area is the designated dumping for dredged materials and other nontoxic organic materials mostly taken from the Iloilo River by FF Cruz Corporation and other dredging companies.

As environmental watchdog of the sea, the PCG official assured they are not going to allow the dumping of plastic and toxic materials in the designated area. It was only early this year that FF Cruz asked permission to dump the dredged materials from the Iloilo River during the construction of a new ferry terminal in Lapuz district. No more dumping happened after that.

Benjamen assured they are very strict in allowing the dumping of dredged materials in the area and a thorough inspection was conducted on the vessel to check the presence of other harmful materials. (LCP/Sunnex)