Saturday July 21, 2018

Public warned vs refilling used butane canisters with LPG

THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Northern Mindanao cautioned the public against refilling butane canisters with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The warning was issued amid the proliferation of LPG being contained in canisters or cartridges being sold in the local market and even in sari-sari stores. These LPG-refilled canisters are usually bought by consumers for household use.

LPG, chemically, is a mixture of two flammable gases -- 60 percent propane and 40 percent butane. Since this poses imminent danger to life and property, LPG must be securely contained and safely stored.

“I am urging the consuming public and LPG users to refrain from utilizing LPG-refilled canisters for household use and avoid risking your property and life to destruction,” DTI–Lanao del Norte Director Ruel Paclipan said.

In accordance with the Philippine National Standard (PNS) 03-1:2000, only welded steel cylinders with a water capacity of one liter to 150 liters are permitted for storage and transport of LPG.

Steel cylinders, aside from being sturdier, have pressure relief valve. In contrast, canisters have lightweight and thinner metal body in which joints are just being soldered, and without pressure relief valve.

Pursuant to Department Circular (DC) 2014-01-0001 of the Department of Energy (DOE), no person shall engage in LPG industry activity without securing first a Standards Compliance Certificate (SCC).

The DOE circular prohibits the sale of LPG on single-trip (non-refillable) containers and canisters that have been previously filled with butane. It also emphasized that selling of LPG in inappropriate containers is prohibited and constitutes illegal trading.

Refillers, marketers, dealers, and retailers found to have violated PNS 03-1:2000, DOE DC 2014-01-0001, and Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines shall be administratively charged and a monetary fine of up to P300,000 shall be imposed.

As stipulated in DC 2014-01-0001, engaging in LPG industry activity without a valid SCC shall be penalized with a fine of P60,000. (PR)