THE Bureau of Investments (BOI) have reintroduced telecommunications project in the 2017 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) in a bid to increase investors in the industry.

"Several years ago, we used to have it in the IPP but then removed it. Now we are reintroducing but there is a condition that only new players would qualify," said Lucita Reyes, member of BOI's Board of Governors, during the 2017 IPP Roadshow on Thursday in Davao City.

Under the 2017 IPP, new players are domestic players or enterprises that are not subsidiaries, affiliates, or related parties of existing and operating telecommunications companies nor have incurred sales or revenues from the public on fixed or mobile broadband.

"We want to have new players in the telecommunications. This has been a big problem for us and we want to make sure that new players will be able to invest in the Philippines and give us a good telecommunication system," Reyes said.

Telecommunications in the IPP covers the establishment of connectivity facilities for fixed and mobile broadband services.

Fixed broadband services include the delivery of broadband services through wired, wireless, satellite, and other technological methods.

The 2017 IPP also states that wired services include cable wire, fiber optics, submarine cables, or other means of similar material while wireless services include reception of broadband services by mobile phones, personal computers, modems and access points, vehicular communications or electronic boxes, and other nomadic, portable or mobile devices.

Qualified telecommunications investors will be able to avail of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives offered by the government.