Saturday July 21, 2018

Bautista: Policing the police

POLICING the Police. At this time and age, I am sure a lot of us are wanting to do so. The times are surely calling for one. With all that is happening today and with the police, Juan can't help but turn their backs away from helping the police.

Support is all that is needed by our police. Let us not put out blame to the organization for a few who tarnish their image and let Juan lose all respect and support from it.

That is all they need. Morale support that is. Juan will understand why we fail to want to give support to them. Juan for one has had his fair share of issues with the police. Too many to mention. Some I have already relayed in many of my stories.

To think that I was working with them and as a public servant. What more if I was just no Juan? Surely from here many will relate. If they can do it to me what more to ordinary folk. Right? Wrong.

Today I am a no Juan. Just a former of many. A father who takes care of his kids and a home. A cook, a driver, now a caregiver to a dog. Just us at home lately. A no Juan.

In 2012 General Benji Magalong asked if I could help police the police. I said sure. I might as well, since that is what I did anyway for them when I was still in office. We won awards. We reached the highest that could be for them. Juan did police them well.

Later on General Gani Nerez asked if Juan could continue on. Of course Juan did. We did again what we should. Police the police. Awards once more were given.

Today I am still with them. This time as their father. No choice except to make sure that they are well. Just like my own kids. I will drive for them, I will cook for them and I will caregive for them.

I will drive for them to where I want them to be. Being respected. I would want to see them go places. I will cook for them, cook up plans and programs, cook up something to get them going. I will give care to them, find ways and means to make sure they are well. Why? Why not!

People will ask me why I would do it for them, I don't have to. But I also realize that it is at this time when they need it most. It is because of this that we have gone places together. I have policed the police.

That was all that was needed. Like our own kids, we must make sure that their needs are given. If not, things go astray. Just like our kids they will find a way on their own to fulfill their needs. Juan sure knows how some of the police find ways to fulfill theirs.

Fortunate for Police Regional Office Cordillera (PROCOR) a family has embraced them well. Since 2012, a family has made sure that they will be well.

Today this family is my family. They are the loving men and women of the Regional Advisory Council. The Most Outstanding Advisory Council in the Philippines.

It is our task to police our police. And we have.

Today and with everything Juan will hear about the police, Juan is not surprised to see that all is well at home. In PROCOR all is well. The Advisory Council has found a way to make sure they are well.

I will personally make sure, just like any father, things would be well. If there is a break and failure, that will rebound to the father and the family.

I am their father.

This was my message to our police during our hosting of the first Regional Advisory Council Summit held in the University of Baguio, with no less than PDDG Ramon Apolinario the OIC PNP Chief gracing the occasion as Guest of Honor and Speaker.