Tuesday July 17, 2018

Autopsy results out: disc jockey not raped; suspect shot in face

DISC jockey and cancer survivor Marie Alexi “Maxi” Bolongaita fought off her attacker and was not raped.

This was revealed by Investigation and Detection Management Branch (IDMB) Supt. Ryan Devaras yesterday after the victim’s autopsy results were released.

“We are establishing what happened during the struggle that ensued. But the autopsy showed that she was not raped. The suspect sustained a gunshot wound on his hand aside from the one on his face,” Devaras said.

Authorities believed that the caliber .22 firearm found in the scene belonged to the victim but it was denied by her father, broadcaster Alex Bolongaita, in a dyAB report.

“It’s not confirmed if the victim owned the caliber .22 recovered in the scene but we’re looking at another high-caliber firearm, a caliber .38, which was the firearm used to kill the victim,” Devaras said.

Maxi, 29, and Renante Mendador Mambiar, 36, fired shots at each other and were both subjected to paraffin tests.

Devaras said that aside from hitting her attacker with a 46-inch bolo, Maxi fired three shots at Mambiar.

Mambiar retaliated and fired twice at the victim’s chest, which was the cause of her death.

“The incident was a robbery but when the victim sensed that an unidentified man was in her house, the struggle happened. Mambiar went inside through the front window and exited through the back door,” Devaras said.

Mambiar carted away the victim’s phone and tablet.

Devaras said that in Cebu City, there are 97 robbery cases this year so far, 78 of which are still being investigated.

“Officials from the mountain barangays suspect that some of the burglary incidents in their place were committed by Mambiar. Other victims may visit our office to file a separate case against him,” he said.

Devaras said that Mambiar will face charges for robbery with homicide for Maxi’s death.

In City Hall, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said the country’s criminal laws are too lenient on habitual violators.

He said this in reaction to the Bolongaita case.

Police found out that Mabiar, the suspect in Bolongaita’s killing, has been involved in other crimes, such as theft and the illegal drug trade.

Osmeña said the laws in other countries should be applied here.

“Like in Singapore, if you’re involved in drugs, they kill you. And that’s not an extrajudicial killing. That’s their law there. In California, if it’s your third time committing the crime, you stay in jail for the rest of your life,” Osmeña said.

Councilor Joel Garganera also expressed sympathy for Bolongaita’s family.

“I cannot fathom the pain of the father. It’s a senseless killing because of drugs,” he said.

He said crimes like this can’t be solved by police alone and that it should be a collective effort of the community. (JOB, USJ-R Intern Cherizar Maxine Magat)