Friday August 17, 2018

Prices of some seafood drop

DAVAO. Fresh tunas are seen being hauled in Bankerohan market on a usual day in Davao City. (SunStar Davao File/Macky Lim)

PRICES of selected seafood in Bangkerohan Public Market dropped based on the price monitoring conducted by SunStar Davao on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

The price of Bangus dropped to P140 per kilogram from P160/kg; Tamban at P50/kg from P80/kg; Bilong-bilong at P120/kg from P130/kg and Galunggong at P120/kg from P140/kg.

Moreover, squid in big sizes dropped by P150 at P100/kg from P250/kg; squid in small sizes at P80/kg from P100/kg; Big Crabs at P550/kg from P650/kg and Small Crabs at P240/kg from P350/kg.

Meanwhile, some prices of seafood increased while others remained stable.

The price of Tilapia increased to P100/kg from P80/kg last week; Tuna Panga at P250/kg from P200/kg; Big Shrimps at P350/kg from P320/kg; Small Shrimps at P250/kg from P230/kg; Tahong at P70/kg from P50/kg; Guso at P20 per pile from P10/pile and Lato at P20/pile from P10/pile.

Meanwhile, seafood that remain stable from its price last week includes Tuna Belly at P320/kg; Maya-Maya at P320/kg; Matambaka at P160/kg; Dilis at P100/kg; Malasugi at P350/kg and Imbao at P180/kg. (Kent Warren Fugoso and Sean Belen, FSUU-Intern)