DEPRESSION is not easy to determine. You never know what lies underneath the facade of a person. It is no doubt that depression is one of the most dangerous illness a person can ever have. Whether it is mild or severe, depression can affect a person’s work cycle and sometimes mess up their established personality.

What causes depression? Unrealistic social, academic, or family expectation can cause strong sense of rejection and deep disappointment.

People specifically adolescents feel stressed, pressured and confused which made them to overreact. They see more of what life has to offer, on television, magazine, or even in school.

According to Dr. Cornelio Banaag, former chair of its Department of Psychiatry and The Medical City, a person may assume he or she is suffering depression when there is sudden behavior and when one keeps isolating his or herself. Refusing to go out of their room and not contacting any of their friend is one of the sign that a person has a case depression.

Causes of depression also runs in the family and it is important to accept, address, and talk about it. Depression is highly treatable disease. Even in time of diagnose, it may seem very dark but it is easy to find hope.

Dr. Banaag said that cure isn’t always medication. Sometimes, a person only need psychotherapy which can be provided by someone who has been properly trained and has the skill to spot depression.

He also pointed out that in order to help a person with depression one must try to be attuned and calm when conversing. Social support is also one way to cope up with the illness.

Hopelines are also occurring here in the Philippines which give young people and adults a lifeline. Phones are monitored by trained professional who help a depressed person walk depression from a place of despair to a place of hope.

Hopelines are currently available in Luzon and will soon be available in Visayas. The foundation also planned on expanding their services to Mindanao and is looking for partner who is willing to work in setting the foundation.

In a world full of vagueness and darkness, it is never too late to find peace and serenity. Sometimes all you have to do is ask for someone’s help because sometimes it takes more than two hands to stand up and establish yourself back again to the ground. (Jane Chloe S. Fernandez)