Saturday July 21, 2018

Y-Speak: IDGAF: What’s wrong with the millennia?

I ALWAYS use Facebook as my pastime, and I have a lot of friends, mutual, common, and random friends. Now I just want to share something. I have deep concern regarding the social media, especially this generation.

As once Rizal said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, as we appreciate his works, mostly his writings, it helped me realize that, what has Rizal did in his time is already starting to fade into this generation.


It’s all because of the term called “kinain na ng systema”, I cannot believe that the generation today uses social media as their cry place, the freedom to speak, the rights to express physically by pictures and videos, to spread accounts and make pages for online selling, to promote anything, from games up to world peace.

Now why do I even care when in my title it literally says; “I DON’T GIVE A FUDGE”, my IDGAF, means that I’m concerned regarding to what the society is doing… they became beasts in their life, by how?

It’s really annoying that people somewhat shows support and appreciation regarding to what they do. I understand that friendship support is a good thing, and to post it, it should be minimal.

Social Media is a way to let people express themselves through their photos and videos, especially with the new feature, the Facebook live application where we can see those profiles who do live on what they are doing, and we can see themselves do their thing as we respond by likes, heart sad face, surprised face, angry face, and the thankful flower.

But the thing is this, I am annoyed as how they portray themselves as they expose the ‘off limits’ side of life, like they post their unpleasant pictures (nudes) ,long disturbing messages as they complain in an issue that only disturbs the other users as they thought they seek information or concern.

Mostly some of my friends creates a profile and fool each other in the net posting scam acts or cyberbully basically, like what the hell? Did the person done something wrong?

It just a matter of professionalism if you know that those posts were appropriate or not, to respond well or talk to the person in private, it just the matter of common sense.

I know we aren’t perfect beings in the world, we are socialite people, we know how to think twice on what to post and what to portray in yourself because you are exposing yourself to the public.

I hope the millennials would soon realize that not all posts make them famous, some of them can destroy one’s reputation, and I’m concern that all of it will soon turn to be a multi cyber war. (Eubelle John Mamacos)