Saturday July 21, 2018

Ledesma: Rallies fizzle for who can quarrel with success? (1st of 2 parts)

THEY marched and rallied to beat a long dead horse called Marcos martial law and dictatorial regime. They came from various political persuasions and agenda. The most vociferous of them are the assemblage of the usual bunch of professional street parliamentarians and some characters who not too long ago were in bed with Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte.

Rejected by the Commission on Appointments and dejected the President canceled the peace talks with the CPP/NPA/NDF and in retaliation they now joined the ranks of the political opposition who are salivating to take control of the government again. The clergy, of course, wanted to be counted and with the usual bravado challenged Digong they dubbed as killer, diktador and… a US lackey.

“Kung kami hindi natatakot sa Diyos sa iyo pa kaya?” Sounds like we have an emerging cabal of fallen angels. Calling Duterte a US pawn made their “Tindig Pilipinas” clarion call a rib tickler Wasn’t it the irrepressible Digong who told ex-US Pres. Barack Obama “you go to hell” after the former admonished him to go slow on extra-judicial killing and violence? It was a manic Thursday. While they were burning the effigy of Duterte, their penchant was back in the battle front in Marawi, giving encouragement to his soldiers fighting the last Maute ISIS standing.

It is a sublime paradox that while the rallyists condemned Duterte as a dictator they had all the space and time delivering their incendiary speeches and oratory. But nobody wants to listen anymore. It is the same refrain from the time the first quarter storm which took place at the height of civic unrest that led to the declaration of Martial Law by the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos up to yesterday the slogans are the same and the organizers did not even bother that it has been nearly five decades since they used those mantras.

The thousands of Indigenous Peoples who were herded by the organizers and brought to Metro Manila by land and sea, were obviously oblivious of what was happening and why there’s anger and hatred in the air. In Davao City, about 600 rally participants led by men in their white soutanes marched peacefully while the microphone was blaring invectives against Duterte for declaring martial law in Mindanao and demanding that it should be lifted. At one point they marveled in awe seeing the Avida Towers in C. M Recto Avenue undergoing finishing touches. The children among them were fascinated.

The Davao group had a sprinkling of indigenous tribesmen and women. But the Christians among them cannot also hide their captivation over the tall edifices their clinched fists now pointing at the buildings which many of them saw for the first time. (to be continued tomorrow)