Wednesday July 18, 2018

Alivio: Pregnancy and water

WHEN I became pregnant with my first baby, the first trimester was really the hardest. And I know many mothers can relate with me.

Morning sickness, ugh! I think anything annoys me; the smell of instant noodles, the music of my neighbor’s radio, even several faces I encountered. They made me nauseous.

It was until my Ob-gyn told me the importance of water that my morning sickness, although didn't totally stop, was minimized.

Dr. Carolina O. Joyo, my ob-gyn for all my three kids (and one on the way), told me to drink not less than three liters of water a day. It was a very huge and laborious task for me since I'm a person who doesn't like to drink "enough" water, like eight glasses of water a day, when I wasn't pregnant. I hate it when I needed to go to the restroom for several times.

But it's one of the ways to minimize my morning sickness.

She assured me though that I can make it by sipping just a little every moment until I realize that I have already taken the whole three liters of water down.

Her assurance didn't budge me though to do what she advised. And I suffered the consequence.

During my first pregnancy, I had urinary tract infection which recurred even after I took a medication. I was also always not feeling well.

It was only during my second pregnancy that I grasp the lessons I learned from my first one. I took my OB's advice and drink plenty of water every day. And believe me, my second one was a breezy experience that I even went with my friends to hills and seas.

There are many benefits of water to pregnant women.

Constipation is one of the enemies of women who are on the way and aside from eating more fruits and green leafy vegetables, drinking a lot of water too can prevent it.

Water also helps to achieve a normal level of amniotic fluid (panubigon). And it also aides in delivering nutrients to the fetus.

Dr. Joyo also shared that the best medicine against common colds and flu especially during pregnancy is only water. It has no side effects to me and to my baby and it also helps to soften the phlegm inside my lungs and to flush it out from my body.

It not only helps cure these common illnesses, but prevent them as well.

So, preggies? Don't just stare that glass of water there. Drink it and enjoy your pregnancy!

Next time, we'll talk about hemmorhoids during and after pregnancy.


The author is a mother of three and the fourth one is coming soon and she drinks water a lot now more than ever.