Wednesday July 18, 2018

It's a man's world

GROOMING is a necessity not only common among women but also a practice among men. The need to look their best in every way that they can is a conscious effort to feel good about themselves. Looking good is undeniably a confidence booster and men most certainly deserve a day of pampering too. In the Queen City of the South’s grooming industry, men are lucky to experience the best of both worlds—from a sleek cut to a shot of some good-tasting spirits—it is indeed a man’s world where leaving is never an option.

Nothing beats a fresh cut and a perfect hairstyle is what every man dreams of. Barbers with hands that are engineered to create the style that suits all men is a delightful treat for those who wish to indulge with only the best grooming services in town. It all starts with a cold towel as one lounges into the chair and the barber slowly begins to carefully work his way on the haircut one desires. Everything is finished with a hot towel while one’s hair is styled to perfection with a thoughtfully selected pomade.

Satisfaction is served after one sees his haircut and to continue the cheerful mood, he grabs a drink by the bar. A gentleman’s haven is where one can freely enjoy specially brewed coffee by skillful roaster-baristas. But if one seeks for an alternate buzz, the bar also has one of the largest single malt whiskey collections. This takes grooming to a whole new level with not just a mere haircut, but one gets to savor a cup coffee or shot of whiskey while he’s at it too.

Now that one is ready to show off his hairstyle after relishing a good drink, all he needs are other essential elements for optimal aesthetic. Men need their grooming products too and the best ones are from 22 Supply Co. They have everything one needs in a grooming set, from all-natural skincare line, hand-picked pomade to hair and scalp treatment kits.

All these topnotch grooming and beverage services and products are housed under 22 Thatcher Barbershop + Café, a boutique for the mindful modern man. Aside from the grooming products that it sells, 22 Thatcher also has vintage watches and accessories, and locally handmade leather products from My Vintage Timepieces and MARKED 22 respectively.

A 22 Thatcher gentleman walks in with reason and walks out with purpose. Visit 22 Thatcher at Streetscape, Maria Luisa, Banilad, Cebu City open on weekdays from 1 to 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 12 midnight on weekends. Reservations are recommended.