Wednesday July 18, 2018

Alltech: Providing antibiotic-free solutions

WITH their company’s principle patterned after the acronym ACE (Animals, Consumers, and Environment), Alltech provides antibiotic-free solutions for better organic farming both to the farmers and the feed mill companies that they partner with.

One of the more than 150 booths present during the Davao Agri Trade and Expo 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier was Alltech, a biotechnology company that provides additional nutritional value to animal feeds through their innovative use of yeast fermentation, enzyme technology, algae and nutrigenomics in order to improve the animal health and performance of the livestock and cattle, which in the long run also assures healthier food for the consumers with friendlier effects to the environment.

Alltech is an international company founded in Kentucky and now with more than 100 manufacturing sites all over the globe. Alltech Philippines started operating in the early 1980s. Their first satellite office outside Luzon was established in Davao City in 2006.

The company takes expertise in providing direct service to integrators, commercial farms, and feed mills all over the Philippines.

Alltech Philippines technical sales advisor Grant Amoncio said their company is not only dedicated to provide organic solutions for feed of livestock and poultry but is also into educating the consumers to become prosumers (professional consumers) who are knowledgeable of the nutritional benefits of eating organic meat and organic byproducts.

“On our side, though we are on the side of animal nutrition, but we also put premium (attention) to the side of the consumers because we wanted them to be educated in a way that they would learn more information. Organics products are usually more expensive than their non-organic counterparts but for example the eggs, they are called specialty eggs because of their added nutritional benefit such as DHA, Selenium, and Omega 6. The purpose is that as we move forward, our body needs additional nutrition,” Amoncio said.

Their Antibiotic-Free Program is a product of a 35-year research and practical application, innovative support tools, and technical experts. The first step of the program is the support given to the animals’ immune and digestive system, while the antibiotics in their food are removed slowly, allowing room for adjustments.

The program also provides complete gut health management of the animals by seeding the gut with favorable microflora, feeding the beneficial bacteria and maintaining proper intestinal environment, and weeding out unfavorable microorganisms while supporting the animals’ immune system.

One of their many developed solutions is the Sel-Plex, which is made from “a unique strain of selenium yeast and is manufactured to mimic Mother Nature.”

By adding this solution to the animal’s diet, it naturally increases the selenium levels in food products such as eggs, meat, and milk.

As they have been producing organic minerals for their animals, he said the wastes are not harmful to the environment as compared to the minerals taken from inorganic sources.